Categories Of 3D Modeling In The World Of 3D Animation


3D rendering services technology is being increasingly used in various fields for visualization of various concepts. The 3D models are created and rendered through various advanced software available in market. As far as architectural visualization is concerned, 3D rendering plays a crucial role.3D models help visualize the building designs prior to physical creation. Almost all 3D models can be classified broadly into three categories. They are:

  • Rational B spine modeling
  • Primitive modeling
  • Polygonal modeling

Rational B Spine Modeling:  Also referred as patch modeling, this technique is generally employed to create 3D rendered designs of curved surfaces. The curve is initially created from two control points. When repeated in the desired fashion, these points build up the required skeletal model. This provides a higher level of flexibility while designing graphic designs.

Primitive modeling: This is the most basic form of 3D modeling available. It employs a combination of geometric shapes like spheres, cubes and so on for creating complex shapes or object model. This process can be carried out either with or without the aid of Boolean process.

Polygonal modeling: Polygon modeling is also known as edge extrusion. In this method, polygons represent the surfaces of the models in various arrangements. Polygonal modeling method is the most sought after method for the cases involving scan line rendering. This modeling technique has the advantage of requiring fewer adjustments than the other traditional methods.

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