A Short 3d Visualisation Price Cost Guide – Allowing You To See The Price Of 3d Renders.



3D rendering is not for amateur artists. It requires creativity, technical skills and professional knowledge to transform an architectural concept to 3D. There is no standard pricing for these services, and may vary widely according to the firm’s years of experience, skills and portfolio.

Better the quality of the 3d rendering service, usually results in higher prices. A good quality, photorealistic 3D rendering that can be used for marketing purposes will cost an architect in the range of 4000 AUD to 20,000 AUD. However, poor quality images that are less appealing can cost only 600 AUD to 1400 AUD. A high quality image offers a high-definition, full-color rendering, depicting the landscape and building in detail with people, signs, cars etc. For example, rendering of a resort could show people on the beach under an umbrella, or people dancing in the clubhouse.

An interactive virtual tour of a property’s interior can range from 8,400 AUD to 1, 30,000 AUD. A virtual tour of a yet-to-be-built residential property would range from 8000 AUD to 70,000 AUD, while commercial property would cost on an even higher end. However, large, commercial complexes with multiple buildings can cost significantly higher.

A 2009 survey conducted by CG Architect, the most influential and reputable online magazine or community on architectural visualization, reveals that the average price for a high-quality 3D architectural stationary image is 1400 AUD – 3000 AUD for small to medium projects, while large projects start from 4000 AUD onward. For a video, the 3D animation costs between 7000 AUD and 14,000 AUD, and it could cost a bit higher depending on duration and complexity of video. The experienced and reputed studios that produce high quality work would charge higher prices. A less reputed firm on the other hand can charge less, but still produce the same high quality work. It’s always in your best interest to seek artists or studios with a strong architectural background and a sound knowledge of the construction industry. If the artists are not familiar with architectural background, you will need to assign someone from your firm to coordinate with them and this can add up to the costs.

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